If you run a company or manage a team – not only can’t you be vulnerable in front of your peers and reports – you shouldn’t be. Working with a coach allows you to explore your workplace behaviors in a non‑judgmental, productive environment that invites change.

At the heart of my practice is the conviction that people want their work to matter. It is counterintuitive to work hard and be ineffective. As the field of coaching has evolved, much has been written about what coaching is and isn’t. Let's make this simple.

Mark plays tennis every Saturday and reasonably acquits himself. He’s investing a lot of time and money in the sport, but feels his performance could be improved. He hires a tennis coach and meets with her every week to adjust his swing.

Over time something ‘clicks.’

Same Mark. Same game. Different result. That’s coaching.

A leader leads by example, whether
he intends to or not.- John Quincy Adams