I serve clients who’ve made the decision to become better communicators. I help you find your authentic voice – reaching your audience in a focused, non‑threatening manner that invites buy‑in. More importantly, you learn to truly hear what your audience is saying.

Strategic counsel

Clients tell me I bring a laser focus and help them identify and strategize their way out of institutionalized holes. I offer strategic planning to my ongoing client engagements that is most effectively delivered by an impartial third party who’s not empire‑building.

Speech prep

Regardless of whether you’d rather chew off your arm than speak in public…or if you prefer to give a speech than listen to one…your presentations can have greater impact. The ability to engage an audience is powerful. I guide anxious presenters to become more comfortable and make experienced speakers truly masterful.

Media and interview coaching

Positive media coverage delivers priceless third party credibility no ad can achieve. I work with you to define the key messages every interview should include and help you get comfortable in a variety of media formats. Simulated on-camera interviews…not as scary as it sounds…serve to fast-track your interview prowess.

Sales presentations

I work with sales teams to deliver presentations that win business. Closers are sometimes born, but most often are made. I most crucially help you identify what your potential clients really want and help you craft your pitch. I also help clients prep for other persuadable moments such as analyst road shows, and board or venture capital presentations.

A leader is a
dealer in hope.- Napoleon Bonaparte